Our Entry & Exit Offering

Entry and exit surveys are critical to retaining organisational talent and reducing employee turnover.

But every organisation is different – and for this reason, we have developed two different survey solutions: Survey Direct and Survey Create.

Survey Direct

Get all the sophistication of a tried-and-tested entry or exit survey without any of the design hassle, cost, or time. With Survey Direct, you receive:

  • A entry or exit survey that is up and running in minutes
  • No up-front design costs
  • Access to an online survey solution that is built by organisational psychologists and which draws on a wealth of best practice survey research
  • Detailed individual reports outlining question responses, with the option of group and trends reports also available. These group reports are future-focussed and provide a framework for action-planning and goal setting.

Survey Create

With Survey Create, you get to work with our experienced team of consultants to build a fully customised, branded entry or exit survey which you will then own. With this option, you can still access OPRA’s extensive library of tried and tested questions to flesh out your own survey.

By building your own survey, you have the opportunity to put emphasis on those areas that are critical to organisational performance. With this option, you receive:

  • A fully customised entry or exit survey
  • A survey process that aligns with your needs, developed with the support of an expert team
  • Survey questions that are directly relevant to your organisation’s values and drivers
  • Greater flexibility in survey delivery and design.