What you get


  • Utilise pre-designed, tried-and-tested question sets
  • Customise your own survey using your own questions, rating scales and free text questions
  • Include your own logo and organisational branding
  • Group together items by behavioural area
  • Ready to go, pre-designed exit and post-appointment surveys available. These include quantitative questions supplemented by the option for respondents to add free-text comments covering the following topics:
    • manager, role, colleagues, the organisation
    • remuneration and reward
    • training and development
    • reasons for leaving/joining
    • recruitment and selection, and induction (post-appointment only)
    • demographic information


  • Include multiple methods for data gathering (telephone, face-to-face, and electronic)
  • Include multiple-choice and open-ended questions
  • Combine historical versus future focused questions
  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

 Comprehensive Reporting

Some options here include:

  • Exploration of the significance of findings made – were they due to chance or some real differences?
  • Link between different areas of interest
  • Uncover the relative priority of different findings and where to invest effort and ROI
  • Explore the unique themes that holds data together, how they are linked, and the direction in which they are moving
  • What is the most powerful sub-set of items to capture staff perceptions, and thereby cull out any redundant items on robust grounds